JOOLA inside 15mm Table Tennis Table Review

The Joola Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table is an indoor table including a 5/8-inch timber composite formed the top, steel 1.5-inch width legs and powder painted undercarriage to prevent wear. While the 5/8-inch head is not regulation thickness, the table is a great buy at this price point. The game of table tennis was already a well-known play, but it gets its substantial increase of worldwide reputation by the introduction into the Olympic Games. The sport is also known as a competing game that might also be enjoyed by regular people at home. They may get an outstanding workout along with improving their cardiovascular conditioning yet even as getting a great fun time.

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Overall, this is one of the best table tennis tables you will find for around $400. It’s an incredible buy just because it offers an excellent surface for recreational play and certainly doesn’t break the bank. There is no difficulty why this is regularly the best selling table tennis table on Amazon.

Easy Assembling

Assembling has forever created a problem when you are purchasing new goods for your home. In that reason, JOOLA can assist you to succeed this assembling problem. JOOLA inside 15mm table tennis table comes with the almost pre-assembled position. You just require 15 to 25 minute for full assembling. All tricky part is pre-assembled when you receive this chart in the packaging area. So you must understand the easy installing or assembling facility in this table tennis table.

Safety Feature

Security is a major point when you are going to buy any material. It is going must require if you have children. Children always try to play or obstructed with a brand-new product in your home. Just think you can wrap your table, and that is standing position, your children push it. There has to occur to fall this 137 pounds on your little children. It might become a significant accident.

For that reason, JOOLA uses double anti-tilting device designed for extra stability. They also use double safety locking device that can protect or stopping the movement while your table is playback position or folding room position. You just need to force down the lock, and your table stays in the same place until you can free the lock device from the wheels.

Extra Features

In addition to contributing a fair playing experience at a much affordable price (under $400), the Joola Inside 15mm Table provides some other additional characteristics as well. The fact that the table is two separate free standing shares gives it very easy to design and to put. Every free-standing half has four locking casters that provide you to simply transport each half folded down or even more comfortable in the folding position.


When wrapped, each the separate table shares can nest mutually to pass the table to easily store in small spaces. Most average ping pong table tops will fit over the Joola Inside, and due to how compact it is in the storage position, it can store almost anyplace. In the nested folded up area the table is 108 inches tall, 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep.


  • A beautiful quality product at the given price range
  • Currently Amazon’s best seller for table tennis tables
  • Complete-size indoor ping pong table by net position
  • Folding function helps you to stock in a tiny area
  • Affordable price
  • 15 mm table cover
  • Playback action Fold one side up and exercise against yourself
  • Four sets of wheels if you selected to detach the tables
  • Powder-coated steel undercarriage
  • 1.5-inch width steel legs and resin apron
  • Dual anti-tilting safety locking devices for extra security
  • Easy assembling in 20 minute
  • 1-year warranty
  • Corner protectors included


  • N/A

Potential Downsides

Buyers have reported issues with this table warping when stored in an area with high heat or high humidity. Other problems reported have to do with resistance. Due to the cheaper elements and lack of support poles, this table could become unstable after substantial wear and tear. Some people have also informed damage during shipment. The metal crossbeams that hold the table’s undercarriage can be bent if not packaged accurately.

While some customers have reported this, JOOLA has an excellent reliability of packing their products properly, so this is a rare experience. Also, JOOLA is appreciated for giving good support to their buyers and making things right if one of their tables is broken in transportation.

Final Verdict

JOOLA is a favorite brand for production table tennis table or ping pong table. Ping pong game is running more famous in modern times. For that purpose, all companies try to create more efficient table tennis table for satisfying the future demand.

After this review content, you must agree JOOLA can offer lots of useful feature within this amazingly low price. You can get the portable or folding capacity, it takes the least space for accommodation, and you perform it in playback position, eight wheels for smooth moving. I can thoroughly recommend this table tennis table for remaining your indoor gaming entertainment.


The Joola 15mm Inside Table Tennis Table is a great table for play. It has the safest top, and the elements are the fabulous feature, but it’s practical and gives a proper surface to play. This table might be charming to those wanting a decent table that stores conveniently and is intended for the recreational player.

If you demand the table to be tournament quality, this is the right choice for you. It does have the stability and bounces off a regulation competition table. However, tournament tables are nowhere near the price point of this chart. For the best buyer, the JOOLA inside Table gives a big blow for the buck that very few full sized table can match.

So this was the Midsize Table Tennis presented by the JOOLA Company. This product has received so many positive reviews, while some people have noticed some problems. Overall the Amazon ratings of the merchandise are found to be excellent, and people love it very much.

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