Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is more popularly known as ping pong, is a sport where two or four players play by hitting a light-weight hollow celluloid ball back and forth toward each other by the use of bats, also called rackets, or paddles. Table tennis sports include as an Olympic sport also played in a manner which is like as lawn tennis. A ping pong game is playing on a table which is separated horizontally with a net. In this game, a player or players must assist the ball that was strike towards them by only a single bounce on their side of the table, also must return the ball through hitting it back to facilitate it bounces taking place the opponent’s side. Playing table tennis is fast along with must be done with quick responses.

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Table tennis or ping pong is a very popular game in East Asia, and though it is just one of the most recent among the major sports played in nearly all parts around the world, it is considering as one of the most popular sports regarding indoor and outdoor. While it involves the idea of household or indoor sports, there are a small number of activities to facilitate claim being worldwide acceptable like table tennis sport. Made popular through the different powerful displays this game has had in the Olympics, and table tennis is a sport that can enjoy with family, friends as well as competitors. It’s a low impact game that demands too many as it represents one of the few lifetime sports which will participate in at any age.

Killerspin Revolution table tennis table is such kind of entertainment stuff which you may easily set up in your room, garage, backyard or any other place where you want. It is a 22mm thicker table top for the professional range ping pong table. In the bellow part, I am going to describe the detail information about this amazing table tennis table.

Killerspin Revolution table tennis table thickness

The thickness of the table surface of a table tennis table will have a result on the quality of playability. The best tables have Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) tops with a thickness of approximately 15-25mm and serious players should desire for a table of this level of thickness. My recommended Killerspin Revolution table tennis table comes with 22-mm thicker table top. It provides pretty enough for getting an adequate bounce for professional standard ping pong match. But most people think about the extra cost about this range of ping pong table. It is also true if you want to feel professional standard gaming experience, then you have to spend little bit more compare than an average range ping pong table. If you a beginner or just need to play a friendly matches at home, then I recommend you to buy five hundred to a maximum eight hundred dollars ping pong table. At this range, you will get 5-8mm thicker table top in a ping-pong table. Some ping pong table buyer focuses on the design, but it is a big mistake. The primary consideration about a ping-pong table is table top or table playing surface. Overall, this Killerspin Revolution table tennis table gives you an outstanding experience with perfect bounce and spin shot.

Price Consideration

Price always plays a vital role in any shopping. But when you decide to buy a table tennis table then it must need to negotiate. It is clear if you want to buy a high-quality ping pong table then you have to pay more compare than a reasonable price ping pong table. In the market, there have hundreds of high-range ping pong table offering you for purchase. But all of them can’t provide desired playability what you want. My recommended Killerspin Revolution table tennis table comes with pretty high at a price. Its price is more than two and half thousand dollars. But comparing the price about its quality, you will get lots more than about this ping pong table.

Exceptional Design

The design always comes with a vital issue for shop any stuff. Because of without a proper user-friendly you may not use your stuff properly. For the matter of table tennis table, it is also essential for use a table properly. But the great news is maximum table tennis table comes with a pretty good design. Some model offers foldable, and some models offer fixed one-piece design ping pong table. Some models also provide comfortable transport facility. But it is quite difficult to choose a ping pong table by a good design and incorporated with all necessary facility. Killerspin Revolution table tennis table comes with quite elegant and unique design. But this table tennis table body made with heavy-duty steel frame. Without it may not use your table for a long time.

Easy Assembling

Every ping-pong table needs a short assembling function. Because of every ping pong table comes with the almost pre-assembling position. But even more, it needs to attach or connect the divided part. Usually, table tennis table design with two pieces set. You just need to connect or attach both part and set the net post and you ready to start your first game. Killerspin Revolution table tennis table also needs five to ten minute for full assembling process.


  • Premium quality 22mm Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) table top
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Special glare-reducing coating
  • thumbs-o-upComes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • thumbs-o-upPretty elegant and unique design
  • thumbs-o-upIncludes premium quality Killerspin Apex net and steel post system
  • thumbs-o-upAlso get a Killerspin Apex net and steel post set


  • Price is pretty high
  • Un-foldable design

Final Verdict

Killerspin is a well-known brand for manufacturing table tennis table and related accessories. Killerspin achieves this popularity for their professional grade product. You must notice many international tournaments match playing on Killerspin table tennis table. My recommended model comes with pretty high-range, but you will get thoroughly professional grade table tennis table. It constructs with 22mm, or 0.86-inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) table-top provides a perfect and consistent bounce in every strike. The table surface finish with a Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) provides 16-layers of coating which helps for a smoother as well as more uniform surface and provides a better bounce.

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