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Did you know that the number two sport in the world is ping pong? Everyone knows soccer is the most popular but not many know that table tennis is right behind. When played in your basement or garage, ping pong is such as the everyday game for any person. It is an excellent source of work out and helps to use your all body parts. But when the world’s best ping pong players do battle at the tournaments, it is one of the quickest and most entertaining sports you will ever observe. Table tennis game also known as ping-pong game is a most popular indoor or outdoor sport enjoyed by many portions around the world inconveniences ranging from recreation clubs to school common rooms. Table tennis game is very similar to tennis in that players on opposite sides of the table tennis table hit the ball back with forth over the net. But only similarities end there as ping pong is playing on a table surface fairly than a hard court.

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Ping pong game rules are pretty easy to play and anyone able to play this game. It doesn’t need a person to be very athletic however being agile along with possessing quick reflexes with well eye-hand coordination is the main advantage. Ping pong offers fun and easy game with a competitive spirit. Nowadays, ping pong is increasing in popularity, equally as a recreational and fun game also as a competitive gaming experience.

But the main problem is finding a better quality ping pong or table tennis table. You must know it is quite tricky to pick up the best one form those hundreds of models. For solving this problem, I am assisting you to find a perfect table tennis table which fit for your every desire. STIGA Advantage table tennis table is a wonderful indoor table tennis table. You will surprise to know this comes with under $500. In the following part, you will find the detail information about this remarkable ping pong or table tennis table.

Professional Quality Net Set

One of the things that create poor impression us about a lot of table tennis tables is while you pay huge money for a ping pong table also then they give you with a useless and low-quality net. My recommended STIGA Advantage table tennis table offers you a professional standard net set. That standard net price is almost $30-$40 in the current market.

Top-Notch Undercarriage

STIGA Advantage table tennis table’s 3-inch lockable casters on this table help for stand out. Through their size being bigger than normal wheeling the table around designed for setup along with storage is a breeze. Its design with the zero gravity balance technology, helps the table to assemble in only 10 minutes. When you lock the table chassis, the table feels like as one solid piece, which could trick some people because it is attaching with a clasp on the net line.

The durable construction and weight are close to 180 lbs with the surface finish like STIGA’s high-end designs are never disanointing you. Also, its zero-gravity balance makes it feel weightless during assembling otherwise getting ready to pack away.

16mm Table Top

The only disadvantage of this table is the thickness of the table playing surface. 16mm is on the thinner side of this table, and as such, you can wait for the ball to be a little slows with lack some of the height of bounce you may see on a thicker table surface.

The professional standard table tennis table featured with 25mm thick table surface. 25mm thickness provides proper bounce which needed for the professional tournament. But you may not need this level of table thickness in your friendly match. I think 16mm is quite enough for you if you are playing in your home with your table tennis table. 16mm table-top provides quite decent bounce but it may not feels like the professional standard. STIGA Advantage is the ideal choice for the home tournament.


Assembling is always coming with an important consideration. But you will surprise to hear that this STIGA Advantage table tennis table is 95% pre-assembled in the box while you get it after purchase. The process just consists of attaching the caster wheels toward the frame and tightening a few bolts. As long as you have some pliers or else a crescent wrench, this procedure should go quickly as well as smoothly. It takes about 10 minutes for assembling entire table set. And also attaching the net set for complete the whole assembling. That is a good contrast the problematic and time-consuming assembly process to facilitate other tables often need. So you may understand you need to wait 10 minutes for a start your first match after getting your STIGA Advantage table tennis table. In this process you may not need any help from the expert and also you will assemble it alone.

Safety Features

In addition to a solid construction, the STIGA Advantage ping pong table offers many safety and satisfying features. In the first, this ping pong table comes with a safety latch system in the underside of the table with the intention of locks the top keen on the upright storage position. It is nice for households who have children as it avoids accidental occurrences.


  • 72″ Clamp-Style Net
  • 3-inch lockable casters for convenient storage
  • 5/8-inch thick table top with multiple roller coat finish
  • Comes with 95% pre-assembled box pack
  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish looks


  • Table-top may not create outstanding bounce and spin shot
  • Some customer complain about nuts and screws falling out

Final Verdict

The STIGA is most famous and well-known brand for ping pong table and accessories. Many professional tournaments are organizing with this STIGA ping pong table. They earn this massive popularity for their top-quality product. STIGA offer beginner to professional standard level table tennis table for every ping pong spots lover. In the current ping pong table market, you may get lots of model with the different category. But it is quite difficult to find a quality ping pong table in under $500. For that reason, I am recommending you this STIGA Advantage table tennis table.

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