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Best Ping Pong Robot 2021

Ping- pong is one of the best robots for those of you who already have one of the best table tennis tables and want to edge your skills into the Highly. It is a robot machine which is designed by programmed to bring high skills them by table tennis balls. Are you guys tired of playing online games? It’s really a boring way to play games on online. There’s no alternative to the outdoor games. But the most enjoyable and interesting outdoor game is ping pong table tennis. May you have not a good partner for playing this game as your partner may get tired while playing games with guys tired of playing online games? It’s really a boring way to play games on online. There’s no alternative to the outdoor games. The most enjoyable and interesting outdoor game is ping pong table tennis. You may have not a good partner for playing this game as your partner may get tired while playing games with you. So you a need such a partner who never gets tired of playing table tennis. Nowadays, many ping- pong robots are available to practice more and to be an expert in table tennis. I would like to recommend you guys to choose the top 10 best ping- pong robots to be a pro in table tennis as well as having a good partner.

Here are my Best Ping- Pong Robots:

Best ping pong robot under 50$ : Best Rated Ping Pong Robot : CHANCY Sender Pitching Automatic Table Launcher 10 Ping Pong Balls Robot Racquet Sport Table Tennis Training

  • Color: Blue And White, Green And White
  • Size(L*W*H): About 15x15x30.5cm
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries(Not included)
  • Capacity: 15 ball

Presenting an amazing table tennis ball machine obviously suitable for beginners & table tennis enthusiasts. This machine is best for training & make your children eligible for playing table tennis correctly. It’s color combination is just fabulous to make it quiet pretty & preferable. This convenient switch designed machine will make players feel easy to play table tennis thoroughly.

Besides this all, it has many more figures. As like:-

Features : 1*Ball machine(battery not included)+10*balls+1*manual. Large ball exit, not easy to block. It has 3 spirial gravity disk, easy to install.

COLOR : Blue & White, Green & White.

SIZE:- (L*W*H) (15*15*30.5cm).

Types of shots:- It can be placed at random angles & positions.

Balls per minutes:- serves every 4-6 seconds about 15 per minute.

Capacity:- 15 balls capacity it has.

Range of  shots & ball spin:- Due to it’s fixed exit hole it has fixed serve, no spin.

Remote controller:- It’s manual designed, 4*AA batteries system(Battery not included). Remote controller system is disable .

Ball speed:- Ball speed is nearby 0.5-2cm.

Players:- Can be played by one or more players from opposite direction of the machine.

First available date:- November 10,2020.


  1. Large ball exit.
  2. Easy to install, easy to carry.


  1. Item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
  2. This machine is perfectly suitable for children’s use.

Automatic S6-PRO Table Tennis Robot Ping-Pong Ball Machine Multi-rotatio 50W with 100pcs Balls

  • Material: PVC
  • Voltage: 100-240 volts
  • Power: 50W
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • The ball frequency: 30-90 beats / min

Another fantastic table tennis robot is here to make your gaming surprisingly comfortable and happy to deal with ping pong. With this machine more than one player could enjoy their table tennis easily. Its fabulous oscillation frequency will astonished  all of its player with its modern functionality. Its spin controller system as well as rotating head system is appropriate to use it not only at home training but also at commercial purposes. It has further more characteristics to highlight its amazing features. Such as:-

Shots & controller :- According to your own training needs you can adjust its shots as well as its angles. Its clear operating buttons allow you to leave the ping pong table for better playing of the several functions of the machine.

Ball spin:- Its ball frequency is 30-90 beats/min. Its ball spin can be controlled according to needs. Different spin in different stalls down. up & down rotation, left & right, no spin ball, side spin.

Ball capacity:- Its frequency is 50/60 HZ. Though 100 ping pong balls included with its package, it can be installed more than 300 balls.

Ball placement:- Ball placement can be fixed from different angles. Unloading balls automatically also enable it its functionality.

Ball speed:- Its ball speed is 4-40 m/s. out adjust frequency from every side, every motion & every speed you want.

Range of shots:- It has 7 elevation adjustment. Top spin, backspin, serve directly, serve balls irregularly.

Package:- 1*ping pong robot, 1*ball net, 1*control box, 1*power supply, 1*ball ruler, 100*ping pong, 2*serving wheel, 1*user manual.

1st available date :- February 1, 2021


  1. Oscillation frequency is perfect to suit every training needs.
  2. Ball net makes playing strategies quite friendly.


  1. In the tee fairway prohibit the soil, hair, peel & other debris.

Ping Pong Machine, Portable ABS Table Tennis Robot Automatic Ping Pong Robot Training Machine Table Tennis Trainer Automatic Launcher Ping Pong Training Machine with 10 Balls

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: As Pictures
  • ShownBattery: 4 x AA Battery 5000mAh(Not Included)
  • Weight: Approx. 664g
  • Size: Approx. 30.5x15cm/12×5.91inch

If you’re searching for such a table tennis trainer machine which will present you a memorable time along with your family, then this product is for you. Its eady to use & simple switch system make you feel ease to train your children properly. Its spiral gravity disk will show remaining balls capacity, so that you can ensure your playing duration. Moreover, its fine features will capture your attention & make you feel love with this product. Its other features are:-

Matetial:- This is made of high quality ABS material, sturdy, durable & long service life.

Shots:- Because of its fixed ball exit portion, its shots also be fixed. But switch system will operate its proper shots to make it easy.

Players:- More than one player can be tackle from opposite direction but better to handle one or two person.

Product dimensions:- Its dimensions is about 7.56*5.04*5.04 inches.

Product weight:- This launcher is designed with lightweight body. Its weight is about 1.48 pounds.

Ball speed:- Its ball speed must be depends on players distance maintaining position.

Types of shots:- Its types of shots will be straight mostly.

Ball capacity:- Though 10 ping pong balls included with it’s package, more than that can be attached in this machine.

Remote controller:- Its a manual systematic machine. 4*AA battery 5000 mAh (not included). It has simple switch that can quickly turn on or off.

1st available date:- March 29,2020.


  1. Easy to carry, very portable.
  2. Suitable for beginner & long service life.


  1. Inappropriate for wide usages.

Practice Partner Table Tennis Robot—Fun Ball Machine/Launcher/Thrower/Shooter for Your Ping Pong Table—Play Or Practice Ping Pong Anytime for As Long As You Want—Off White

  • Product Dimensions : 19 x 12 x 15 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Date First Available : June 15, 2018
  • Manufacturer : Bowmar Sports – DROPSHIP

Hold your breath for introducing ever best table tennis robot. This product must be able to calm all your desire in order to become acquainted in table tennis. Also its a perfect robot for all levels of ping pong & table tennis players alike. Its simple controls for easy adjustments is perfect for using it conveniently. Rather than its ball feeding unit which is made of alloy with resistant rubber, stabilize the ball direction & placement. Moreover, all the structure that highlighted its usefulness will must make you feel satisfied with this robot. Let’s see all of its property:-

Shots:- The ball feeding unit ia made of alloy with resistant rubber which stabilizes the ball direction & placement. Oscillation can be set to approximately the following:- 1/4 Table, 1/2 table, 3/4 table or full table.

Balls per minute:- Frequency settings range from 1-9, producing 25-80 balls per minute.

Ball speed:- Its speed setting range from 1-9. That’s why balls can be fixed to land in one or two locations or can oscillate.

Ball capacity :- This super practice partner robot machine holds approximately 200 40 or 40+ balls.

Ball spin & shots:- It can produce topspin, backspin, or sidespin balls, serves(2 bounces) or returns(1 bounce).

Types of shots:- It is a fantastic training aid to assure high quality shots. Select your desired spin, speed & trajectory. Also twist the robot as you wish & finally set the oscillation range along with adjusting ball frequency as you prefer to make your shots full of fun.

Remote controller:- Its simple control box is easy to control its activity.

1st available date:- June 15,2018.


  1. Robot are a great way to rapidly accelerate your development.
  2. Perfect for those who want a clean straight forward interface without a lot of options.


  1. Stabilizing the ball direction may have deviation.

Best Rated Ping Pong Robot : iPong Table Tennis Training Robot – Serves 40mm Regulation Ping Pong Balls Automatically

iPong Table Tennis Training Robot

  • Holds over 100 balls
  • ball frequency, side-to-side oscillation, topspin speed and backspin speed
  • Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9’x5′)

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The Ipong table tennis is small and lightweight. It is made of plastic and designed to be super portable. It won’t let you spend a lot of money for buying expensive robots as because of it is low price availability. In a word, if you want a simple and friendly robot which also can be under your budget so it can be a great choice for you. It is a great backspin and top spins skills that can make you be a pro on that sector indeed. At a low cost, you are indeed having a simple but useful robot.


  • Adjustable features: ball frequency, side to side oscillation, topspin speed and backspin speed
  • Hold over 100 balls; Shoots ball at an adjustable frequency 30 to 70 balls per minute.


  • No ability to create side or combination spin

Best ping pong robot under 200$-CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ball Machine

  • Serve frequency : 40-70/minutes,0-5 level can be adjusted
  • Serve speed : 4-40 m/s
  • Oscillation range : 15 °
  • Load ball : More than 100pcs
  • Weight : 4KG
  • Package Size : 40*38*37 cm

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This electronic table-tennis robot is very good for working on table tennis skills. It has the ability to produce topspin, under spin and sidespin balls. It can interchange between spin types during a program series. It has Infrared remote control, so no wires & no need for manual adjustments to the unit. You can quickly setup and remove the unit from the table. 

This robot is most expensive to buy but it can grow up player skills. Those are performing in the international game in table tennis, for them, it is growing skills himself/herself. Mostly it is using the serious player that can grow up more their skills ability. 

Moreover, these neat machines solve your problem and grow up your skills. So you can try to use it for your family or improve your skills.


  • Large hopper
  • Added remote for faster adjustments
  • Easy to set up in under one minute
  • Really affordable


  • Accessories are all sold separately

T&Y Y&T Table Tennis Training Robot V988

T&Y Y&T Tennis Training Robot 

  • Ball spin: 8 differernt spins
  • Serve frequency: 30-90 balls / min
  • Serve speed: 4-35M / sec
  • Serve loop: Range of adjustable angle from 0 to 40 degree
  • Serve style: Fixed course and alternative course

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Y&T V-988 Table Tennis Robot is almost an exact copy of the Newgy robot. It is heavy and made of steel which assures the longevity of it. This robot can perform 8 different spins. For the beginning player, this robot delivers everything needs to refine the basics and will do so for many years. While most of the other robots on this list deliver a lot of drills, especially in a school or in a club. But the V-988 is a great choice to give a steady practice partner for years to come.

There is a dual headed table tennis robot with a serious control system that takes the whole process up a notch when it comes to robot training. It means you can do drills that involve you playing against two different types of balls. It can spin the ball in 8 different times and serve frequency perform well. One of the features here is to float the ball and balls no spins. Float balls consists a part of table tennis but the cheaper robots aren’t able to produce float.

Basically, it almost an exact copy of the Newgy, except that it is heavy and made of steel.  It stands on its own, and the net is permanently attached to the robot.  This is interesting in that you can move the robot far from the table to do counter looping drills for added realism.  Use age and function is exactly like what I wrote above for Newgy; it makes tons of spin 360 degrees around the head, is instantly adjustable, etc. So, the beginning player, this robot delivers everything needs to refine the basics and will do so for many years.


  • Ball spins 8 different
  • Serve frequency


  • N/A

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

iPong Original Trainer Robot

  • Ball Capacity: 100+
  • Net Weight: 2.5
  • pounds Spin: Underspin, topspin, heavy topspin
  • Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9 by 5 feet)
  • Measures: 18.75 by 11 by 11 inches (H x W x D); 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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The Ipong table tennis is small and lightweight. It is made of plastic and designed to be super portable. It won’t let you spend a lot of money for buying expensive robots as because of it is low price availability. In a word, if you want a simple and friendly robot which also can be under your budget so it can be a great choice for you. It is a great backspin and top spins skills that can make you be a pro on that sector indeed. At a low cost, you are indeed having a simple but useful robot.

This table tennis robot for consistent topspin feed, ideal for practicing basic forehand and backhand strokes with adjustable power and spin can make you happy somehow. The I Pong Topspin is the perfect training robot for beginners practicing without a partner. With quick and simple assembly, just add 6-AA batteries and get ready to play table tennis in seconds! It holds up to 110 balls and casts at an adjustable frequency ranging from 12 to 70 balls per minute. With the wired remote control, ball frequency is easily adjustable from your end of the table. Just set your own pace, and start training like a champion! Battery-powered for portability, the possibilities are endless, from playing with friends to playing solo, eliminating the need to fold up the other half the table. This simple, affordable, and fun table tennis robot brings recreational table tennis to a new and higher level of competitive play.


  • Table tennis robot for training without a partner. Adjustable spin settings: topspin and underspin. Holds up to 110 balls; Casts balls at an adjustable frequency (12 to 70 balls per minute). Assembly time: under a minute; Includes iPong, remote control, A/C adapter, instruction manual. Compatible Accessories: 40mm and 40+ balls, iPong ball catch net, iPong ball pickup net, iPong tilt stand, iPong targets


  • No ability to create side or combination spin

Ping pong robot machine with net- Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ Table Tennis Robot

Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ Robot

  • Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spin
  • Available shot selection: push, chop, serve, counter, Lob, fast loop

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It’s Digital Accuracy for ball speed, placement and frequency. Also Electable randomization controls create a more unpredictable robot. It’s Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. Train strokes, footwork, transitions and other skills. It’s Optional advanced use: Included RP.2.PC software to create, save and  share custom drills by USB connectivity to a PC. (PC not required for regular operation) Recycling Net System to capture your returns and recycle the balls for non-stop action


  • Robot head can be effortlessly balanced for various points
  • Great value


  • No arbitrary direction

Buyers Guide- How to make choice A Robot


First Of all, the ultimate priority will be about ping- pong which is the best for you. Why your choice is ping pong or how needs to refine your form and ball- stunning?

One of the most important for the beginner about ping- pong table tennis to use and develops skills are:

  • How to hold a table tennis bat
  • How to stand
  • How to move
  • The forehand drive
  • The backhand drive
  • The forehand push
  • The backhand push

This is necessary to know before starting Ping – pong table tennis. Otherwise, you cannot use it with perfectly.


One of the most important things about the buyer who are zero level or beginner about playing table tennis or Ping pong. You should not buy advance ping pong unless using zero level experience. The advanced level is not easy if you have no idea about it.


The feature is one of the most important about ping pong robots. There are many kinds of features which mentioned in the below:

First of all, Ping- pong is an ideal table for both table tennis beginners and participants. Totally, depends on you how to use it or how to refine the ball into Lob, straight shot or Bounce.

The second one is specifications about ping pong robots, how looks Ping- pong:

First, choose your color

  • Tabletop: Example, 16mm High-density fiberboard.
  • Table frame: Example, 30mm frame plus large comer protectors.
  • Table leg:  30mm square metal legs
  • Surface coating:  Repeat paint roller coating
  • Surface bounce: 220mm- 250
  • Table feet
  • Table weight
  • Setup style and quality materials

The third one is Ping- pong robots spin how long increase ball spin, Power how much increase shot speed and how per control the shot.

Overall, it is multiple choice will be own-self but features must have best one 150

How to Play in Ping –Pong Table Tennis:

Ping – pong is one of the best robots which is developing skills about Table tennis ball. I have already mentioned about ping pong, how looks it and why to be used in ping pong?

There are many ideas in different coaches to play in robots table tennis. I have suggested for you how to play in table tennis:

First one is very necessary they are Grip, stance, and footwork. It foundation needs to lay at the beginning. Some of the players skip over these and jump straight into hitting balls. Weak foundations can cause your whole game to fall down or prevent you from being able to continue building and improving later on. So, you must follow this term.

The second one is forehand drive, backhand drive, backhand push and forehand push is one of the terms. There are the four basic table tennis strokes and will make up the bulk of your game. Mastering the correct technique is really important here if you are to develop consistency and accuracy with your shots.

The final three (serve, return of serve and match play) are the finishing touches that will allow you to convert your newly learned skills into points in a match. It is no good being excellent at rallying if your abilities don’t transition into a competitive situation.

How much space do I need:

Actually Ping pong table tennis is a full size is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, so you will need a little more than that amount of space or you’ll be sitting on the table to play! Seriously though, for a fun family game of singles ping-pong, assuming the players are relative beginners, you can probably get away with 5 feet to 6.5 feet behind each end line, and maybe 3.3 feet to each side. Maybe even a tad less if you don’t mind leaning on furniture or hitting your bat against the wall every now and again. But you want to have enough space to make your purchase worth it.

If you are going to play a lot of family doubles, add another 3.3 feet at each end line and 1.64 feet on each sideline, just to give you room to get around your partner. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to play tennis doubles, where each player can protect his own side and hit the ball out of turn.

There are many sizes of ping pong but you have to choose yourself for it how needs space and where I will set up for this. If you want to keep in your using a robot to train, things are different. You need less room at the robot end, as you only need just enough to squeeze the robot up against the wall. This gives you a more room on your side of the table, which is good. From there, it once again depends on your standard, not to mention your style of play. Beginners will probably need less space than advanced players, and close-to-the-table hitters and blockers will need less room than choppers and loppers.

You’re probably looking at 6.5 feet depth for beginners, and for advanced defenders and loppers should have 13 feet to 16.4 feet of depth.

In terms of width, you can get away with a smaller area if you are willing to go to the trouble of moving the robot and table to allow you more space on the forehand or backhand. Of course, this won’t help if you are doing a drill involving both sides of the table. Give yourself 1.3 feet to 2.6 feet of extra space if you want to really work your crossover footwork, but you could get away with only about 8.2 feet provided you don’t do any side to side drills.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Robots?

Everything has merits and demerits so like it has some advantages in Robots:

  • It is programming addable and works as a coach.
  • If you are alone and not getting any partner to play table tennis with them, it helps you to greater extent.
  • You can practice with it as long as you like to.
  • You can take it with you anywhere as it is portable.
  • As it does not move by itself, it does not require much space except yours.
  • You can repeat the same stroke again and again until it does not help you.
  • Besides those positive aspects, there are lots of good effects that the table tennis game provides to its players as well.

Moreover, if you keep good health and mental exercise from it along with the much fun from it, then the table tennis Robot is the best choice you will get out of it ever.

Why you need a robot?

There are many parts of reason that you need to use table tennis robot:

  • Play without an opponent if you have no real person for playing table tennis robot.
  • You do not have the real opponent person that is not important because now robot can help you like a real opponent.
  • Nonstop can play or practice in table tennis.
  • Looking to play with nonstop as you want to practice, it can be possible to do with ping- pong robots.
  • You can use it for improving your footwork. You are facing with low footwork, now not to hesitate yourself it can improve your footwork with the best robot which is programmed to fire the balls into specific locations.
  • Using robot can improve a weak stroke.
  • It can be improved your fitness level.

Why would you choose the robot?

You will be able to choose between the free standing ping pong robot and seated ping pong robot. The free regular robots can easily be moved out of the way and they are more portable, but the mounted ones must be attached and will take some time dismounting. The hopper size refers to a number of ping balls that a robot can take at one time and the more it can take, the less you will need to interrupt your training session to refill the hopper. A larger hopper size can be more expensive, but it does limit wasted training time.

Some of the cheaper robots will allow you to get the ball straight and the continue dispensing the balls in the same way. Depending on your skill level and your needs, you might need to consider a robot that will dispense spin balls to help you with the technical elements of the game. Since a ping-pong robot is like your mechanical coach, you will need to find one that will allow you to program it for various skill drills. The advantage of the skill drills is that they will significantly improve your overall play and place you in game-like situations, unfortunately, you will always lose to the accurate robot. Many ping pong robots now come with added remotes to make it easier to change the settings. These extras might add to the price, but everything can be seen as an investment in your skill level and the ability to improve.

With these features, you will definitely be more likely to make the right choice for your needs. Many of these features might not be important to everyone and therefore, we have mentioned that you will be able to choose the ping-pong robot with the features that suit your needs the most. Yes, the best ping pong robots are expensive, but we do recommend it as an investment in your ping pong future.

How do Fitness be Important?

It is very important to be fit in table tennis to do well with it. You have to be more attentive to physical exercise if you are a beginner.

It is proved that at the beginning level, a player might be of less physically for one of practice whereas to be fit is very important in table tennis game.

What can do Ping -Pong robot really?

First of all, how about we take a quick look at what a table tennis robot can do. Some accompany only a couple of fundamental the highlights, others resemble effective PC frameworks with heaps of speed and turn varieties and programmable preparing drills.

Here are important things a Table Tennis Robot can do:

Ball recurrence:

You can change the recurrence the robot shoots the ball at you. Most robots are fit for shooting 80 balls for every moment. Some can do well more than 100 every moment. That is a lot of balls!


You can pick where the robot shoots the ball. Some essential robots may just shoot to two positions. Better robots can shoot balls to different positions and can switch between positions for each ball.


You can pick how quick the robot shoots the ball. A few robots can different the speed of the ball. So you may kick it into high gear one slower ball and after that one speedier ball.

Turn variety:

You can pick whether the robot shoots reverse-pivot, topspin, sidespin or glide. A portion of the passage level robots will most likely be unable to do these. However, the mid-extent single-turn robots will have the capacity to. What’s more, top-of-the-extend multi-turn robots can likewise change the turn with each ball, which gives a more sensible table tennis playing knowledge.

Arbitrary play:

You can get your robot to shoot balls in an irregular request. This could be an arbitrary situation, irregular speed or arbitrary turn or everything totally arbitrary. Yet again, area level robots will have more limited randomization decisions. The highest point of the range robots will have the ability to do altogether more randomization.


You can slide the robot head downwards, with the goal that the ball skips on the opposite side of the table to start with, imitating a table tennis serve.

Pre-set preparing drills:

Some robots will accompany pre-set preparing drills, where the robot will shoot the balls in a set succession. Some pre-set preparing drills will likewise incorporate an arbitrary component.

Programmable preparing drills:

Some robots will enable you to program your own particular preparing drills. You can pick the particular succession of balls the robot shoots at you.

Ball reusing: 

Some robots (for the most part mid-range or best of-the-run), will accompany a ball reusing office, which is essentially an accumulation net which pipes the ball once more into the robot. This implies you don’t need to continue ceasing to reload the robot. You can have the persistent play.

Obviously, few out of every odd table tennis robot can do the majority of the above. So you have to work out which highlights are essential for you before obtaining. It’s not basic to have a robot which can do everything exact, except I figure you will get the most out of a robot in the event that you can (at any rate) change the speed, turn, arrangement and do some arbitrary play.

Entry level Table Tennis Robots:

Entry level robots are most appropriate to an apprentice player. They have a tendency to have a couple of fundamental highlights, such as having the capacity to change ball recurrence, situation, and turn, yet won’t have pre-set preparing drills and will most likely be unable to do irregular play.

They are normally significantly littler than mid-range and best of-the-extend robots. This has upsides and downsides. They are less demanding to set up and consume less storage space. Be that as it may, as they are little, they don’t hold the same number of balls. So you will invest more energy reloading your robot.

On the off chance that you simply need a robot so you can hit a couple of balls without doing anything convoluted, a passage level robot will be beneficial for you.


Finally the most important it is Price how much you want to spend on a robot is another looking of your purchase. The robots are manually priced range is from fifty to a couple of thousand dollars depending on factors.


Overall, all about it is positive and negative aspects, though negation is very few, I can say that you will be benefitted if you decide to take one to experience. The fact is that one should experience a thing for which he or she interested because it helps one to be familiar with it directly. I have suggested you better robots all ping- pong into the description. It does not matter how much cost for ping- pong robots but enjoyable is the first priority for your family or others. We will recommend this robot especially if you are looking for the best product to build your future strongly in this field. This robot certainly will be able to help you much enhancing your skill enough for beating any type of your opponents. So, go ahead with it. Hopefully, you will be the success and defeat your opponents. Finally, be skilled and exposed yourself to that field positively.

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