Butterfly Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table

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Table tennis or ping pong is an enjoyable sport for the players of any ages and skill levels. A table tennis table may decorate in a low space like as car garage, backyard or any room spaces even outdoor too. Not only this sport provides an effective workout, and it is a game that may enjoy by everyone apart from any age, disability, or else limitation. It is not only for one group of people. Young players and senior players, Able-bodied athletes and disabled athletes, men and women all will compete against one another on equal terms. Because it is a simple rule and competitive sport, players of different strengths with sizes may compete against one another without one get the advantage. Players are also need not worrying about the injured or broken bones to facilitate often result as of playing get in touch with sports.

All of the professional table tennis players know the equipment you choose on when playing ping pong game is essential because you will not obtain the same performance by any stuff available out there. If you are playing ping-pong game occasionally, then it may not look like a very significant factor at first. Though it is a very addictive game to facilitate only become annoying when the ping pong table makes the performance strange or you just drop you paddlers from your hand. Buying a Butterfly ping pong table will make sure you have a lot of fun as well as obtain performance in the game of ping pong.

More than 40 years, the Martin Kilpatrick Company/Butterfly North America has established them self as a force to reckon with in the world of ping pong or table tennis. Butterfly Table Tennis equipment is one of the best in the world also has come to the wanted following by players of any skill levels, from advanced to beginner. In this content, I am going to describe every detail about Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table


The table does not appear at your doorstep all set up together. That is something you should go up against. We discovered proprietor surveys extending in time spent from 1 hour to 3 hours. The table requires 2 capable bodies to complete it right. We have assembled many ping pong tables and this one was the same than the rest. Investigate the directions first and afterward get the table parts all layed out before you. When you get composed, the rest goes easily. The table took us 1 and 45 minutes through and through to assemble. Might it be able to be less demanding – without a doubt. 

Our involvement with Killerspin tables or even those from JOOLA are that get together could be down to 15 minutes. On the off chance that assembling things like a ping pong table are not your strong point at that point consider enlisting somebody to do it or run with a brand/display like Killerspin or JOOLA with simple congregations.


We like the welded body and the square steel legs. The manufactured cover playing surface is fixed to withstand open air components and keep it weatherproof for a considerable length of time to come. You get a multiyear guarantee on the best and a multiyear guarantee on the casing. The casing highlights 1" square steel legs, a marginally more grounded help than you will get on the Outdoor Home Rollaway. The net posts and net remain joined to the table whether in playback mode or capacity. We will state that the nets on all these open air tables take the most manhandle from the sun. You will normally observe sun decay annihilate the nets some time before the rain, wind or snow could ever impact them. That is the reason we propose a cover for the table just to draw out things like the net and to shield the table from getting messy. There is a 1 ½ inch steel railing edge that circumvents the table to shield it from harm. The steel rail helps shield the table from chipping or possibly distorting because of dampness. With more than 5 years playing on it, we have discovered the table to have held up well. We've had our own in rain for quite a long time and it likewise takes unwavering sun amid the summers.

Safety and Storage

Storage mode is quite easier, but not similar as you will see on the Killerspin models that feature with two separate table halves with very tidy storage positions. There also have a safety lever on each half of the table so to facilitate putting the table up keen on a playback mode or else storage mode is safe even intended for kids. You may easily fold your ping pong table and store in a place where nobody entrance. If you have any kids in your home, then you need to ensure extra care for them. Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table tennis table offers you that levels of safety what you need for your kids.


You will find the Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table to have an adequate ball bounce comparing to cheaper outdoor ping pong tables. Topspin balls respond off the playing surface as well as the similar goes for a slice. For amateurs to facilitate just hit flat or push balls to the table has a real bounce and feel to it. Most of the table tennis table offers the playback play facility. Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table tennis table also provide this playback play facility. Playback is a facility which can help you to improve your ping pong skill.


Price is always a significant issue for any category of shopping. I know you have a specific budget for buy any stuff or equipment for your needs. But you must know, budget always not work when you want to buy a high-quality product within your budget. You need to pay little more if you need to but the best product from the market. It is also true you may find a top quality ping pong table at an average price. You just need to do some research and get the best ping pong table. If you do lots of research and can’t find the desired one, then I am recommending you this Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table tennis table for your indoor and outdoor table tennis gaming experience.



  • Synthetic laminate top for outdoor use
  • Playback capabilities
  • Accessory holder for paddles and balls
  • Includes net and posts
  • Durable frame
  • Four double wheels for smooth movement
  • Each holder can carry 2 rackets and 4 balls.
  • This indoor ping pong table is approved by USA Table Tennis and backed by a 3 year warranty.
  • The Playback 19 is a 1 piece design that easily folds and contains rotating wheels to transport to your storage area. This table safely locks in place in the storage position.
  • Price is pretty high
  • Not much strong body structure
  • Net set is included

Final Verdict

Ping pong or table tennis spots are one of the popular sports in the entire world. It is a sport which anyone plays, and anywhere you may set up the table tennis table. Ping pong or table tennis is the world number two popular sport. You may see most of the American house has a table tennis table because of its low-cost facility. But if you desire to buy a professional standard table tennis table then you need to spend a little bit more compare then a low-range table tennis table. Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table tennis table is a table which is fit for both indoor and outdoor gaming experience.