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The Objective of the Game of Table Tennis Ping-Pong

What is the Objective of the Game of Table Tennis- Ping-Pong?First of all, everyone should involve children in table tennis as a sport, with emphasis on fitness and competitive skills. To give the children, and also their parents, a positive feeling of social belonging to a sound, safe and pleasant environment.A point is won by […]

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How to Do a Backspin Serve in Table Tennis

I have played table tennis for as long as I can remember with my friends and elder brother have always played and therefore I have grown up in the table tennis world. I have personally played at a county level and above since the age of eight, and some twenty-five years later continue to coach […]

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Top 10 Tips to Enhance Your Table Tennis Idea

Need to enhance your game to new heights? Top 10 Tips to Enhance Your Table Tennis Idea, you can use to determine your gain1. Know what spin is on the ballThe key to acquiring this important skill in table tennis is to carefully watch your opponent’s racket when it makes contact with the ball. If your […]

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How to Do a Side Spin Serve in Table Tennis

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to do a side spin in table tennis. In an advanced serve technique. Make sure you don’t give your opponent any chance against your serving. Always try to make a strong and effective serve.Position before playing:The prepared position is an unbiased beginning position from which all […]

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The Table Tennis Backspin Serve Advanced

Table tennis serve is the most important for every player and it is one of the important techniques to get a point in table tennis. For the backspin serve you have to know what kind of table tennis grip used for the game. And also you have to know basic table tennis strokes and serve […]

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Compare the Best Table Tennis Tables

How to Compare the Best Table Tennis TablesA really great table tennis table can be a fun game that your family, friends and you can play, ping pong would be the right choice. It gets the kids away from the video game console for a while and helps them to become more active. There are […]

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Plans for Building Your Own Table Tennis Table

How to Build a Ping-Pong Table – Plans for Building Your Own Table Tennis TableMany people love to play table tennis, but purchasing your own ping pong table can be expensive, and it can be cheaper to build a folding ping pong table from scratch. Most of the materials needed to build your own folding […]

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10 Ways to Improve Your Table Tennis Game for Beginners

Ping pong is an interesting game. This game is like football, basketball, hockey, Cricket and soccer; you are rewarded each time you do something good (like score a goal or a touchdown). These are positive-reward games. Most of us, because of our familiarity with all of these popular positive-reward games, are programmed to attack. Most […]

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Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table

What Should You Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table?I am still playing and writing table tennis from 2008 and I have built up a good knowledge about choosing a table tennis. In this writing, I want to share about buying a ping pong table tennis with your valuable time to read my writing.Let me […]

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