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Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is more popularly known as ping pong, is a sport where two or four players play by hitting a light-weight hollow celluloid ball back and forth toward each other by the use of bats, also called rackets, or paddles. Table tennis sports include as an Olympic sport also played in a manner which […]

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JOOLA inside 15mm Table Tennis Table Review

The Joola Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table is an indoor table including a 5/8-inch timber composite formed the top, steel 1.5-inch width legs and powder painted undercarriage to prevent wear. While the 5/8-inch head is not regulation thickness, the table is a great buy at this price point. The game of table tennis was already […]

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Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway Table

Table tennis or ping pong is an enjoyable sport for the players of any ages and skill levels. A table tennis table may decorate in a low space like as car garage, backyard or any room spaces even outdoor too. Not only this sport provides an effective workout, and it is a game that may […]

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STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

Did you know that the number two sport in the world is ping pong? Everyone knows soccer is the most popular but not many know that table tennis is right behind. When played in your basement or garage, ping pong is such as the everyday game for any person. It is an excellent source of […]

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