Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Ping-pong or known as table tennis is an indoor and outdoor sport that participates two to four players hitting a small plastic ball back and the forth much like a simple game of tennis. It is also a high-speed game that needs extra concentration as well as quick reflexes. Ping-pong was added as an Olympic sport in 1988, while it has been approximately for much longer. A point is scoring when an opponent is unable to return the ball to the other side or player.

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Table tennis is an easy and fun game that isn’t pretty as challenging like some other types of sports. You will play it indoor and outdoor, with minimal space, and in any weather, equipment along with training. You don’t want to be extremely fast, strong, or else capable of running intended for hours on end on the way to do it each, you only need a decent amount of strength, good reflexes, as well as a fast mind. These issues attach to the overall demand of ping pong and are a basis why a lot of personal gyms in people’s houses will also have a ping pong table otherwise a billiards table. A perennial favorite intended for indoor and outdoor sports, ping pong or table tennis has been played for more than a century now. A very easy sport or game, table tennis can play by almost anyone. It doesn’t need a person to be very athletic or experienced, however, being agile and possessing fast reflexes with eye-hand coordination is a key matter.


The first equipment you need to play table tennis is a table. Table tennis table is the main part or equipment for table tennis game. There have plenty of table tennis table model offering you. But all do not provide the desired facility what you need. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor table tennis table is a table which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It is a professional grade table tennis table and comes in pretty high-range. So let’s go to the detail information about this remarkable table in bellow.

Cornilleau crossover 500M table top thickness

Many experts and professionals believe that the thickness and quality of your table tennis table top will represent the dynamism of the ball bounce and also the creation of a variety of technical spin shots by the players of the game of table tennis. If you are serious to develop your ping pong skills in this sport, it is essential that you are conscious of how the structure of table top surface affects its performance. In my choice of an ideal tabletop, you have to consider the issue such as the aesthetic magnificence of the design, color as well as smoothness of the table surface. And also its thickness, configuration, and materials used are the main features that make a good impression through the buyer. A smooth laminated playing surface develops the awesome spin shot that will surprise the player also the observers. A thicker top improves the quality of a ping-pong table top.

My recommended Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor table tennis table design with 7-mm thick table top. It is not much as a professional standard, but it also provides pretty good result what you need. The entire table frame height is 60-mm. So you may easily understand the quality of this amazing Cornilleau 500M all-weather indoor and outdoor table tennis table. It is essential to buy a good thicker table tennis table for getting the proper bounce and spin shot. 25-mm is the ideal thickness of an ideal professional standard table tennis table. But I don’t think you need this level of thickness if you want to play in your home or school. That professional level table comes at the pretty high price. I can suggest you purchase maximum 10-mm thicker table tennis table.

Adjustable Net

Net post stands in just middle on the table. Both side ping pong players try to cross net with their shot because if they can’t do this, then they lose the point. Best quality net is essential when you play ping pong game in outdoor. You need a net-post which can stable against the variety of weather. You will surprise to know Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor table tennis table also offer a top quality net post set. The manufacturer also designs this table with the net, adjustable facility. You can just adjust the height and tension with this pre-design facility.

Safety Feature

Safety is the primary concern when you decide to buy any product for you and your family. You must think about table tennis table always safe in all categories. But if you have kids and they are running around the table, then it may cause the safety matter. Table tennis table corner is sharp design and it always dangerous for the kid. But this Crossover Outdoor table tennis table designs with corner protection pad. That corner protection also pads save you from injury during your ping pong match. Another safety feature lockable wheels. Crossover Outdoor table tennis table designs with four oversize wheels for easy and comfortable moving. You will get lock or break facility to lock the wheels.


  • 7 mm table top thickness
  • Aluzinc outdoor ultra-durable frame
  • Adjustable and retractable net
  • Adjustable legs for optimal levelness
  • Corner protection pads
  • Anti-corrosion materials ensures resistance to bad weather
  • Transport handle lets you easily pull


  • Price is pretty high
  • Not for professional use

Final Verdict

Ping pong or table tennis is a game which can give you tons of fun and pleasure. Ping pong sports achieve massive popularity for its easy game rule and simple arrangement. In the recent time, most of the American house has a ping pong table. It needs not a big place for set up. You will easily set up this in a small space in your home inside, garage, backyard and even outdoor too. Ping pong is the right equipment for spend your holiday or weekend more enjoyable and exciting. Lots of people arrange a friendly tournament in their house or outdoor with family and friend. So I strongly recommend you to buy a table tennis table for spending your free time more pleasurable.

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