Harvil I, Indoor Table Tennis Table

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The Harvil Insider Table is sold as a folding table that the whole family can enjoy. This recreational indoor table tennis table has 5/8 – inch wood composite playing surface, and 1.2 inch Diameter Automatic Steel Legs. The table has 1/5 inch Resin Apron with a powder-coated steel undercarriage and dual safety locking devices. The table comes with a durable net and posts. Above all, it is in two pieces such that it folds into play back and is stored easily.

The folding mechanism is a key part of the sales claims here, with a focus on the simple set up, the portability between areas (storage spaces, dens, garages and outdoor areas) and the security of the locking wheels.


  • 5/8 inch (16mm) thick playing surface top
  • Adjustable Feet
  • It comes in two pieces for easy storage and setup
  • MDF Playing Surface
  • All Harvil items are designed and engineered by creative people right here in the USA


Dimensions 60 in W X 30 in H /Assembled weight of 180 lbs


If you are in the market for a mid to low range, easy to store and sturdy table.

The first selling point here isn’t so much with the table itself, but with two simple words in the sales pitch: free accessories. This is an important difference when there are so many models that are just the table with a basic net set and nothing else. Here users get the net, four rackets, 8 balls (in case of rouge shots and lost balls) a bag to keep them all in and a protective cover for the table.



  • Easy Storage
  • Free Accessories
  • Made in The U.S
  • Thinner Playing Surface

Final Verdict

All Harvil items are designed and engineered by creative people right here in the USA. We are a family business and we design our products to be enjoyed by family and friends. Even though many of these items are manufactured in Asia, we are proud to have Americans who understand Americans needs bringing our items to life.