How to Do a Backspin Serve in Table Tennis

I have played table tennis for as long as I can remember with my friends and elder brother have always played and therefore I have grown up in the table tennis world. I have personally played at a county level and above since the age of eight, and some twenty-five years later continue to coach regionally, as well as compete on the National Circuit. It’s been Eighteen years this year competing in my favorite tournament – Men’s tennis League!

In this tutorial I will teach you How to Do a Backspin Serve in Table Tennis. However when I have played table tennis for the first time, it has very difficult me to serving a backspin.  I could not serve the ball backspin properly Normally I don’t have problems with contact points with my serves … but trying this serve I seem to miss hitting the ball quite often which is very frustrating (I toss the ball up while in position and try hitting it on the perfect contact point while it falls down – but locking my elbows like you are doing is not making me very comfortable to actually “Hit” the ball) The ball ends up falling on the floor. Then I had seen many tutorial in YouTube and others coaching. But Ryan Jenkins 11 times Welsh Champion and Commonwealth Gold Medal winner, shows me how to play the backspin serve, varying the direction and distance to keep your opponent guessing.

There are lots of technics how to serve a ball in backspin and how to perform a basic forehand backspin serve.So now the most important backspin serves I point in the below:

  • The serve is much important of the quality of your contact with the ball.
  • If you are a beginner or being a table tennis player is very important to serve the ball with your eye-contact. A super backspin serve easily make result with winning or losing the game in the tournament. But your eye-contact must be only serving the ball that will be better to serve the backspin.
  • It is stands to the close, and facing, the table and take a low stance. Keep your arm relaxed and your wrist loose.
  • It can be throw the ball upwards, as near vertically as possible, so that it rises at least 16cm (6 inches) after leaving your hand.
  • It needs to allow the ball to drop and then, with a forward action, hit the ball with your racket – striking the ball on the descent with a fast with wrist action and brushing underneath the ball – so that it imparts maximum backspin onto the ball.
  • It is use as short a stroke as possible and keep your body movement to a minimum.

How to Create Super Heavy Backspin:

Some of player are disappointed there backspin to create properly but it is very easy to create super backspin the ball. There are two essential tips for you:

  • The bat face needs to be certainly open. Start and finish the service motion with your bat horizontal to the table. This bat angle means that you will be able to slice the ball on contact. It is this fine brushing contact that is important.
  • Needs to accelerate your bat towards the ball as fast as possible. If serves is slow you will not get much spin the ball. It is the racket speed that creates super heavy backspin.

Winning Point from Opponent:

First of all be relaxed and think how to get point from your opponent player. If get have a chance to see his /her weak sides try to study it so you will get a way. So now one of the most important subjects is given for you that make you getting point from your opponent.

Winning point is the simple way to win points from opponent serves. Serves is one of the important, if opponent puts the ball straight into the net. If they try to hit the ball to the straight into the bottom of the net that is point for you unless nothing to do anything.

If they try a point and they quickly work out that they need to push your serve, just do getting bat their underneath. A heavy backspin serves can go through the net. Even they are not good pushing the ball, you need to play with a relax it can be go into the net.

If your opponent player serves the ball in a fast super backspin and you also being fast but your opponent get chances to serve the ball slowly. When you were serving fast of the time the chances of this happening were slim but now that you have your super heavy backspin serve things have changed.

How get help to Progress in your Table Tennis Game:

It is easy to get help to progress in your table tennis backspin serves. Now I am showing you a few varies types of serves. There are very includes a very basic backspin serve which means that you will be cutting underneath the ball to get the ball to come back. You can have many different variation of the grip, you can hold it loose, you can hold it only with your thumb and finger if you want or you can full grip it’s your choice.

And when the person returns it they have to push it. It is a long they can topspin the ball. The best way to practice is with a huge bucket of balls and serving into a ball-catching net like the RoboPong, that way you can hear how spiny in your serve is once it falls into the pile of other balls. It is also important to remove all fear of messing up because the best serves often require the slightest contact and it is not uncommon to completely whiff it. Table tennis training is a great way to make a billion mistakes in a short time, so take advantage of it with a large supply of balls.

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