JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Table tennis or ping pong is an extremely challenging and fun game that can create hours of fun with your family and friend. At some point in your personal life, you may well wish to purchase a ping pong table. Are you a big fan of ping pong? Or are you a spectator looking for a good and reasonable table tennis table and searching which brand would be the best for your valuable money? You are definitely at the right place because over here, I would strongly recommend JOOLA table tennis table and types of equipment when it comes to the world of table tennis. JOOLA is a popular brand when it comes to ping pong sports. Ask any professional ping-pong player, and they will get an answer that JOOLA is the brand to go for when you are planning to invest in top-quality table tennis equipment. JOOLA is a well-known brand, and they can sponsor many international table tennis event.

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In the market, you may find both indoor and outdoor table tennis table. But what you need to start your home ping pong tournament? If you want a suggestion from me, then I am suggesting you purchase an outdoor table tennis table. Some people think outdoor table tennis table only use in outdoor place. But that uses in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Buying an outdoor table tennis table must be a significant investment, so it is essential to find the one which meets your every desire. In this content, I am going to shows JOOLA NOVA DX indoor and outdoor table tennis table. You will get every facility what an offer from high-quality table tennis table like easy storage, playback position, easy assembling, high bounce and spin shot etc. is. In the following part, you will find more detail about this outstanding Table tennis table model.

Table Construction

The table top itself is only 6-mm otherwise about 1/4-inch thick. Though, it is a construct of plastic along with aluminum composite material to facilitate is weatherproof also provides a good consistent bounce. The whole table is reinforcing by a 2-inch heavy gauge welded steel undercarriage headed for keeping it stable through play and avoid warping. It also comes equipped with durable 2-inch welded steel legs with the aim of help keep it level as well as give you a solid, perfect, consistent playing surface. Those legs also feature with large, durable wheels that all can lock to provide you extra stability.

The JOOLA Nova DX is designed mainly for an outdoor table, and it is clear that JOOLA gives some effort into making it resistant to weather conditions along with normal wear-and-tear. Both parts of this table are equipping with 4-durable wheels that help you to move the table into different position simply. It also supports playback mode which is excellent for solo play when you desire to fold up one side toward play against and improve your ping pong skill. Though the table top is fully weatherproof and the framework and legs are built from solid welded steel, covering your table while not in use is yet a smart decision.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

It is easy to understand for a table tennis table stand with some legs. That may vary from different models of table tennis table. Some models offer only four, and some provide more legs for extra stability. But latest model table tennis table also provides leg levelers for adjusting the exact height for setting the table. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust each legs level particularly in the outdoor place like garden or backyard. So this leg leveler helps you a lot for getting the proper position for a start your game.

Storage and moving

Another reason for like this table is because it offers nice compact storage. By two table halves, you will get a snugger fit than by traditional single piece ping pong tables. The image also shows the table in a storage mode in a small space. That two table halves sit on side by side. The wheels are also easy to roll on flat surfaces like concrete, other than a little more complicated on dirt, grass, and uneven pavement or else decks. There have brakes on every wheel if you desire to lock it keen on a place when not in use.

Including Weather Proof net and post set

JOOLA NOVA DX indoor and outdoor table tennis table mainly use in outdoor place. For that reason, it is quite remarkable to set a net-post which can sustain with different weather condition. JOOLA solve this problem by providing weatherproof net and post including the table. A quality weatherproof net post set comes almost fifty dollars in the current market. So it is a great advantage for to get this amazing ping pong table with a complete weatherproof net post.

Caster Wheels

JOOLA Nova DX’s 3-inch heavy-duty caster wheels glide simply no matter what ground you select for your outdoor Nova DX Table. Each half of the table has four wheels, so you will move this table as an entire otherwise when separated. Every caster wheel also features with locking devices toward ensure strength during playing and safety and storing.


  • 6-mm aluminum plastic composite surface
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Separate trolley systems with four locking caster wheels
  • thumbs-o-upTwo halves with own powder-coated metal undercarriage
  • thumbs-o-upEasy to assemble
  • thumbs-o-upIncluding weatherproof net post set


  • Price is little high
  • Some customer complain about leg levelers

Final Verdict

Ping pong not only a fun game is also a passionate sporting for the sports lover. The whole over the world ping pong is playing massively. You may notice most of the American houses have their ping pong table. They use it for past time activities also arrange a friendly event with friend and family. Outdoor ping pong table is a sports item which can give you lots of fun and recreation whiles your holiday or weekend. For that reason, I can strongly recommend this JOOLA NOVA DX indoor and outdoor table tennis table. It must fulfill your every desire what you demand from a table tennis table.

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