Plans for Building Your Own Table Tennis Table

How to Build a Ping-Pong Table – Plans for Building Your Own Table Tennis Table

Many people love to play table tennis, but purchasing your own ping pong table can be expensive, and it can be cheaper to build a folding ping pong table from scratch. Most of the materials needed to build your own folding ping pong table can be found at your local hardware store and at home. But most of the people are misleading plans for the building own table tennis. For them I have written this so that they can build a ping pong table plans for own .There are many category for the build such as Lay Down the Base, Make the Legs and Attach Them, Adding the Hinges ,Adding Plywood Attach the net to the table etc.

Now I shared the easy steps to build own table tennis. There are:

1. Lay Down the Base:

As an own builder cut your two nine-foot pieces in half and lay them end to end to form the sides of a rectangle. Add in two of the five-foot piece to form a rectangle. This will be the base for your ping pong table. It can help to the base laid down and increase your base down.

2. Make the Legs and Attach Them:

First of all, you need to make legs to attach the legs to the four outer corners on the base of the ping pong table using either nail. Each leg for the table needs to be 30 1/2 inches tall. Cut the two 2×2 pieces into four 30 1/2-inch pieces. You can help from woodcutter designer so that the can cut with instructions and designed can look beautiful decorations.

3. How to build a convertible ping pong table:

It’s the ideal kid’s table for your child’s room or playroom, and can be folded up when they’re not playing table tennis. It’s the perfect woodworking project that will keep your kids happy for years to come! I suggest to you Craftsman community for suggestions to build this epic custom poker table, one ideal for your man cave. The end product was a table complete with built-in generator and mini fridge. It built it for own, not for others, but you can try to build your convertible ping pong table.

Adding the Hinges:

This step should be taken after the table has been unpacked, but before any adding the Hinges. Use these to connect the two pressed wood pieces that are 4 1/2 feet long.

Table Tennis Needs that Equipment:

  • Four Pieces of 3/4-inch plywood, 48 inches by 60 inches
  • Eight pieces of 1-by-4, 28 1/2 inches long
  • Four pieces of 1-by-4, 42 inches long
  • Two pieces 1-by-4, 46-inches long
  • Two hinges
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • 11/2-inch long wood screws
  • Drill with screwdriver bit
  • Wood glue
  • Four-door hinges
  • Green paint
  • White paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Masking tape, 1/2-inch wide
  • Table tennis net, 6 feet long

These are normal size of table tennis but if you own build up your table tennis as designed you wish.

How to Paint a Ping Pong Table:

As we know that painting is bring beautiful looking item that looks a wonderful design. So Ping pong table need to design or paining is must require. It is very important when you paint the table design. If you have a Ping-Pong table that you have built or one that needs to be revitalized, you will need to know how to paint it. It is not simply a matter of applying a coat of paint and you will need to know what type to use and where to paint the white lines.

Pick Your Wood:

Any kind of solid wood can be utilized to assemble a slay piece, yet a few kinds of wood improve butcher -square tabletops than others. Walnut, powder, and beech are on the whole ordinarily utilized for tabletops, although appropriately dry beech is frequently hard to get.

Many individuals think oak is a decent decision too in light of its arrival; however, the holes in the oak grain are huge in contrast with the pores in maple, making an oak tabletop hard to clean. Pieces and fuel elements can get fixed in the holes.

The best wood to use, by a long shot, is hard maple. This wood has a lovely grain and appearance, is anything but difficult to get, and is anything but difficult to work with.

Assembly Ping-Pong table:

In this period the most important is assembly. When you will make a table needs assembly which makes to help a table.  The basic assembly is:

  • Positioning the work stand to the right distance;
  • Assembling the table supports the work stands to insert the support pins in its housings;
  • Positioning the tables on the table supports inserting the table pins in its holes;
  • Assembling the net device aligning the holes on the net support with the holes on the net plates, sliding the net bar under the tables;
  • Lock with net pins.

Overall ping pong game is very familiar that people used to play for fun or keeping fitness and many intensions. So I hope everybody tries to play table tennis and enjoy yourself with Ping – Pong.

Overall ping pong game is very familiar that people used to play for fun or keeping fitness and many intensions. So I hope everybody tries to play table tennis and enjoy yourself with Ping – Pong.

In my own opinion, it is likely that the cheapest of any decent brand name table such as Stiga, Butterfly, Kettler etc. Will still be an order of magnitude better than anything you can construct unless you are a master craftsman? So if you would like to build your own table just for the fun of the experience, go ahead. If you are hoping to build a competition quality table and save a few bucks along the way, think again, and then buy a cheap brand name table and save yourself the frustration.

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