The Objective of the Game of Table Tennis Ping-Pong

What is the Objective of the Game of Table Tennis- Ping-Pong?

First of all, everyone should involve children in table tennis as a sport, with emphasis on fitness and competitive skills. To give the children, and also their parents, a positive feeling of social belonging to a sound, safe and pleasant environment.

A point is won by a player or team when the opponent or opponents cannot hit the ball with a racket over the net and onto the other side of the table. So Point is very important.

A match can be any odd number but is commonly the best of 5 or 7 games. Attract and look after children with an indigenous background as well as other children. In this game, the first player or team to win 3 games is the winner and in a 7 game match, the first player or team to win 4 games is the winner.

A Game of Ping-Pong is played over a pre-agreed number of games and the first to 11 points wins each game. If both players and teams have won 10 points, then the first player or team to get a 2 point lead wins the game. Officially the game is played using a 40mm diameter, white (or sometimes orange) table tennis ball weighing 2.7g; rackets (official term) that are normally called bats (UK) or paddles (USA) and are red on one side and black on the other; and a table measuring 2.74m (9ft) long, 76cm (30 inches) high and 1.52m (5ft) wide.

Matches are normally contested as best of five, seven or nine games: That is to say, the first person to reach 11 points in three, four or five games respectively.

So now the elements of the Game of Table Tennis- Ping-Pong are given in the below:


Table tennis equipment required to play table tennis area Ping-Pong table, a net, paddles, and Ping-Pong balls. This is a summary of official table tennis rules on the equipment used. So it should be needed to play in the ping pong. The equipment must be needed otherwise is not possible to play Ping-Pong match.


Table is a part of the game. The table should be 274 cm. x 152.5 cm. (9 ft x 5 ft) in size and 76 cm. (2 ft. 6 in.) above the floor. It is usually painted with a dark green matte finish and has a white 2 cm. (3/4 inch) the line along each edge. It can be also a white 3 mm. (1/8 in.) line down the center of the table for use in doubles games. So your table what should be or how looks it, be own choice and enjoy with the game.


The net divides the playing surface into two courts of equal size. The net should be 15.25 cm. (6 in.) high, with the post being at most 15.25 cm. (6 in.) outside the sidelines. The bottom of the net should be as close as possible to the playing surface.


The ball should have a diameter of 40 mm. weigh 2.7 gm. and be made of celluloid or similar plastic material. It can be white or orange.


The paddle or racquet may be of any size, shape, or weight but the blade shall be flat and rigid. A side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be covered with either pimpled rubber or sandwich rubber having a total thickness including adhesive of not more than 4 mm. The surface should be flat and pimples distributed evenly to avoid unusual returns.

What are the most Objective that People used to play Table Tennis?

Health and Fitness:

Table tennis is a game that makes people good health and fitness. It can more helpful for keeping good fitness. But you don’t have to be a pro to get a good workout. Just a couple of hours a week hitting that little white ball around can do wonders for your fitness.

To Keep a Mind Fresh:

Some people can play table tennis to keep up their mind with fresh and brain sharp. It is really proved the game and gets people pro this game.

Professional Player:

Some people usually playing ping pong with professionally. They want to be an international player, playing the international game like an Olympic game. So you can get more enjoys, player and professional. If you are not still in this game, so you can try and gets enjoys with your family.

You Can Play Anywhere:

Can I play outside or anywhere? Yes. Table tennis is not only part of the indoor. You can also play outdoor or anywhere and also be taking in the travels area. You don’t need a huge amount of space to have fun playing Ping-Pong at home, and a foldaway table can be put away when you aren’t using it.

A Sport for Life:

Table tennis is a lifelong sport that can be played competitively right up to your eighties and beyond. It’s never too late to start, and you won’t have to hang up your bat later on because you are getting too old for the sport. As you get older, better use of tactics, and technology such as long pimples or ant spin, can compensate for slowing reflexes or waning speed around the court.

Everyone Can Play:

There’s no age or gender barriers – it’s common at clubs for 60-year-old veterans to be playing 15-year-old juniors, or men playing against women, and with everyone having a great time and a close match.

How To Do A Side Spin Serve In Table Tennis:

One of the biggest differences between the casual and competitive table tennis player is the ability to execute the spin shot. While some of us simple mortals can pull it off from time to time, the pros are not only able to do it regularly, but also an unbelievable truth and speed – some can even apply spins of up to 150 revolts per second!

At this time I am going to share my some experience fall in the beginning as a short pips-out hitter I try to make my serving motion identical. I mixed in short underpin serves with topspin/ side-top spin serves. The ball will either go down the net or pops out the table, which I think works well.

My problem was that when I mixed in sidespin serves. My opponents seem comfortable returning it and don’t have much trouble.

How do I improve side spin serves? Is it ball placement or is it because I can’t generate much spin with short pips?

Yes, there is a way to improve your side spins that the way his bat swings when you try to hit it. If he swings it to the right, then it’ll go the right when you try to hit it, so aim left. Same thing if he swings it to the left, the ball will go to the left when you try to hit it, so aim right.


As you can see, the objective of the game is an essential part of modern table tennis. It is that magical element that makes it fun and causes the most frustration as well. Learning to use spin and handle your opponent’s spin can take time, but once you start to learn how, the satisfaction you will get from being able to do things to a table tennis ball you never dreamed were possible is immense.

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